Monday, March 6, 2023


Happy Monday!  Hopefully we are done with snow now but I did have another opportunity to photograph some flakes this winter.  I captured these two flakes on the back window of my car.  I liked the faint reflection off to the left side of each flake due to photographing them on glass.  This is a focus stack of 17 images.


  1. It's difficult to imagine needing 17 images of what is normally thought of as being quite flat.
    What f- stop are you using?

    I assume the glass was "frozen" before catching the snow flakes?

    We arrived home to find 8 to 10 foot piles of snowflakes on the street. Piles made by the snowblower tractors that clear our driveways.

    We've had about 10 feet of snow this year, about a foot more than normal, thank goodness there have been warm spells between some snowfalls to reduce the amount of now on the ground.

  2. I know, and then not all is in focus still at times. F 4.5 at 1/200 for these flakes. Yes, I was capturing them on car windows.
    Yikes! We haven't even had 10 inches! Yes, that would be quite the amount to have on the ground at once.