Saturday, March 25, 2023


 Today's image is one I captured recently while on a bike ride on a warm day.  I am sure a lot of these are migratory as we have a lot coming through our state on to places elsewhere and it happens in late winter to early spring.  I saw a large group of Green-winged Teals and then there was a lone Bufflehead in among them.  I think there were a few Mallards as well.  I captured this shot just after the Bufflehead landed in the water.


  1. Buffleheads are neat, They are around here but in low numbers so don't see many
    PS: Robins seem to have arrived, or early ones anyway. Had one singing away at 5am and then saw 5-6 looking for worms on a frozen lawn whose snow had melted. (I have 6' still on my front yard)

    1. Yuck. I hope snow is over for us even though we did not get much. Our Robins stay all year 'round.