Sunday, March 19, 2023


 It's Steamy Sunday here on the Blog!  Today's image is another of the Queen of Steam, Norfolk & Western 611 on the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania.  It has been spending some time out there running excursions and raising money for it's new home in Virginia.  This locomotive is a Northern 4-8-4 type like UP's 844 I shared last week but it has been shrouded.  They did that to some locomotives to make them look more futuristic and streamlined in the later days of steam.  It was built in 1950 and retired only nine years later.  Due to it's excellent condition it was donated to the Virginia Museum of Transportation.


  1. Short working life. When did diesel become more accepted? Lokos to be in very nice condition

    1. It started as early as the 1930s and by the 1950s steam was pretty much gone except for very few circumstances. They have kept very good care of this one.