Thursday, March 2, 2023


 It's a Palindrome Number day!  😃  I took this image a couple of weeks ago now.  I processed it a couple of different ways and had a hard time deciding which I liked better as they both had pros and cons.  Both were stacked from 9 images.  One I basically just processed like a normal photo and this one I did the techniques used by some astrophotographers.  I think this image had a bit more detail in it.  This is the Orion Nebula which is located in the Sword of Orion when you are looking at it.  It can be seen with the naked eye if you are in a fairly dark location.  I took this image using my Pentax K3 III camera with a manual 300mm lens and astrotracer which allows me to take the 10 second exposures that I did to not blur them from the movement of the stars during that time.