Kansas Butterflies

Butterflies of Kansas

This is a collection of photos of all the Kansas Butterflies that I have seen and have been able to photograph. Hope it helps those who are looking for an ID.  I'm always checking my book to see which one I have photographed.  Clicking on the image will allow you to view it larger.  Edit 2023, updated with a new ID'd butterfly, Red Spotted Purple.

Black Swallowtail - Female


Cabbage White


Clouded Sulphur

Cloudless Sulphur

Cotton Square Borer

Dusky Wing

Fritillary -Common Variegated

Fritillary - Great Spangled Open

Fritillary - Great Spangled Closed


Grey Hairstreak or Cotton Square Borer

Imported Cabbageworm

Monarch - Closed

Monarch - Open

Painted Beauty

Painted Lady

Pearl Crescent - Open
New 2019

Pearl Crescent - Closed
New 2019


Red Admiral

Red Spotted Purple 
***New 2023***

Silvery Checkerspot

Spring Azure

Swallowtail - Black

Swallowtail - Giant 

Swallowtail - Tiger - Female

Swallowtail - Tiger - Male

Tawny Emperor

Viceroy - Closed

Viceroy Open

Woodnymph - Common


               Zebra Swallowtail