Saturday, November 26, 2016

11/26/16 Extra

An extra Post for today to alert you to a new feature on the site.  I have created Pages where I have gathered together my photos from Kansas of Butterflies and Wildflowers. They are always found at the top of this Blog. I intend it to be used as an easy reference.  If you are out and see a butterfly or a Wildflower and wonder what it might be, check this site.  I have acquired quite a collection of various Butterflies and Wildflowers I have seen and I am always out taking more photos so these pages will continue to grow as I see and find more.  I have tried to present them in a way that is easy to tell what the butterfly or flower is.  I know when I am out and see something, I sometimes wonder what it is so I hope you will find this useful.  I am not providing informational detail at this time as I am not an expert, I'm just helping to identify and make it easier to search for info.  Thanks for stopping by and, again, I hope you find the new Pages useful.

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