Saturday, November 19, 2016


So this past week, everyone was talking about the "Supermoon".  To us normal people you can't really tell any difference.  It was only about 15% larger appearing.  If you saw images where it looked really big they were because they were faked, like mine today.  I tried to make mine more realistic and like a scene I had actually seen 2 days before but missed getting a shot of because I was not prepared, I am a bad photographer in that way.  I shot the photos used in this image on the same day.  The moon I shot as it was setting in the morning and then the prairie is a 3 image panorama shot in the late afternoon.  I love the light at this time of day on the prairie grass as it makes the color so vivid.  The moon is a bit larger presented here than it actually was as well.  :-)  Best viewed large, of course, by clicking on it.

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