Tuesday, March 21, 2023


 Spring is finally here officially!  Today's image is another of an event I have seen and been able to capture a couple of times now.  Kestrels can hover in the air while hunting.  It is quite cool how they can stay in one place and then dive down to catch their prey.  I recently saw a close up video of this on YouTube that was pretty cool.  Here is the link:  Hovering Kestrel on YouTube


  1. Nice catch.
    I've seen other birds of prey hover as well. An Osprey almost did it while I watched a few weeks ago.
    When I get Lightroom sorted out and start working on my videos from Feb, I might, or might not🙄, have an example of a hawk hovering

    1. Thank you Jim. Yes, I recently saw something about a type of hawk hovering as well. Birds are pretty amazing.