Tuesday, May 31, 2022


 Recently I went with friends to the Baker University Wetlands in south Lawrence Kansas.  I was having a great day of photographing different birds there and we were starting to head back home when I saw this large bird flying towards where I was.  I started to photograph it thinking it was a hawk of some kind but as it got closer I realized it was a Bald Eagle!  I was quite surprised as I thought they left our area by early spring.  It flew right overhead and I was able to get my best in flight shot ever.  That wasn't even the high light of the day.  That will be in a future post.  😉


  1. Nice of it to do a flypass for you

    1. It was very nice indeed! I got some of my best shots ever.

  2. Wow, fantastic shot, Shelly. I've seen three bald eagles this spring flying over the forest behind my house. Apparently, they nest around Onondaga Lake.

  3. Thank you very much Tom! It was great to see so close.