Saturday, May 28, 2022


 I am going to do something a bit different today and post 2 photos.  These birds are "Lifers" for me this year and I got lucky this past week to get both of them.  These are Summer Tanagers who have been visiting my suet feeder in the evenings.  Very lovely birds and I am glad to see them visit for the first time ever.  I am wondering if it is because I have left my suet up longer than usual.  The male is the red and the female is the lighter one as found in other birds.  


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    1. Thanks Jim! I thought so. Haven't seen them for a few days now though.

  2. Great captures. If I saw that male Summer Tanagers from a distance, I'd probably mistake it for a cardinal.

    Why do you only leave this type of feeder up for part of the year?

    1. I thought it was a very red house Finch at first. LOL Thanks much Tom. Usually I think of them only needing suet in the cold winter months for more energy.