Tuesday, October 25, 2022


 This is a bird I imagine I will be seeing and trying to photograph more now that winter is arriving.  This is a Red Tail Hawk and they are around all year but seem to be seen much more in the colder months, maybe because there are other birds around like Kites and Vultures during the warmer months.  I captured this one flying fairly overhead but away from me as they usually do.  


  1. I was surprised when you say your hawks hang around all winter too. I didn't think ours did. I checked allaboutbirds.com and it agreed with me 😊 ours don't

    Lucky you with them there all the time

    1. Yes, the Red Tails and Kestrels for sure stay around all winter. We get Bald Eagles coming for winter. I saw my first one last week on a bike ride.