Sunday, September 26, 2021


 This is the third train I was able to work on during the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion this past Labor Day weekend.  It's the Wagner 14 inch gauge locomotive of the Ortner Railroad there, also known as the "Mighty Ortner".  Quite the fun large scale locomotive to run.  I took this image one evening after putting it to bed in it's roundhouse with new lighting that really finishes it off I think.


  1. Had to google 14" gauge to get a feel for the size as the picture has it looking like a small model. Very effective image😊
    I gather though that it is a size that lets the engineer have a seat while "driving" it.
    Another fun one for you

    1. You do sort of sit in it though not under the roof. My husband said too he thought it looked model-ish. I was mainly tring to easily get rid of a truck in the background that was annoying me. Thanks very much Jim!