Friday, September 10, 2021


 We made it to another Friday!  TGIF  It was a short work week but sometimes those seem longer than regular ones.  😊  Daisies always make me happy and this is an image I got of a new one for me this year.  I had ordered some Oxeye Daisy seeds and when they flowered they look a bit smaller and different than ones that had already been growing in the yard.  It was drawing these really small insects to it, not sure what they were.  Because Friday's Are Bokehlicious I chose this image for the lovely bubbly bokeh behind the flower.


  1. A very densely petalled daisy. Almost a triple bloom?? The little insects look like possible tiny hover flies.

    Nice bokeh well done

    1. Thanks very much Jim. It is very densely petaled. Not what I was expecting but lovely.