Monday, April 20, 2020


Today is a triple digit day, April the 20th of 2020.  It's the little things these days.  Anyway, another thing that I have enjoyed this spring is the different birds I have been able to see and capture.  I had a nice surprise the other evening while walking to see 3 Western Meadowlarks at one time while they were foraging in the grass.  2 evenings later I was able to capture this shot of one of them in a tree doing it's lovely calling.  The Western Meadowlark is the Kansas state bird but has become somewhat scarce in the last few years and I have usually only been able to view them out on Konza Prairie.  It was exciting to see in the area again, in fact so much so that when I first realized what I was seeing, I made an excited type of gasp and scared the closest one and caused it to fly further away before I could get a shot.  Fortunately I got this opportunity later.

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