Sunday, April 12, 2020


The way things are going these days I am wondering if I will have new steam pics to share this year.  May have to be digging into the archives quite a bit more.  Anyway, today's image is a shot of the 2 locomotives I traveled to Pennsylvania late last September to see.  I mainly went for Norfolk and Western J Class 611 on the left but it was a treat to see N&W 475 as well.  The event was called The Reunion of Steam and was held at the Strasburg Railroad.  


  1. Great capture, Shelly.

    This year doesn't seem to be in favor, so far, of getting much in the way of new railroad photographs. Technically, I don't think my state's stay-at-home order considers railroad photography an essential service.

    1. I know, mine either. Sigh. Worrying that things in Minnesota will be canceled as well. It's outdoors but can get pretty crowded. Sigh. Thanks Tom