Wednesday, April 15, 2020


It's Wildflower Wednesday on the Blog again.  Today's is one that is always quite prolific in my yard every spring but I had never learned what it was.  this one is called Shepherd's purse and is in the Mustard family.  It get's it's name from it's triangular seed head which reminds of a purse.  It flowers anywhere from 2 inches to 1.5 ft tall.  The one I photographed was about 3 inches tall.  It's flower head is rather lovely I thought.  
This one has been added to the Wildflower pages under White Wildflowers of  Kansas.

A macro image of the flower head, a couple early seed pods can be seen as well, one is at the almost 12 o'clock position:

This is n image of the entire plant:

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