Saturday, December 21, 2019


Today's image moves from autumn into full winter.  Last weekend we had a good snow, 6 inches at least at my house, some areas had more.  The birds were out in full force at the feeders.  I titled this image Sharing for obvious reasons.  This Carolina Wren and Black capped Chickadee seemed to have no issue with eating from the peanut feeder together.  It was quite cute.  By the way, the snow background created the absence of bokeh in contrast to yesterday's image.


  1. A very nice capture. No snow yet down where I am at. We're lucky if we get any snow most years. Last winter I think we had one lite dusting of snow, and it melted in less then a few hours.

    1. I'd be happy to not have snow. That means it is not as cold as it is here. :-) Thanks much Tom!