Monday, April 22, 2024


 Happy Monday and happy new week!  Today is a special day, it's Earth Day!  Every day should be Earth Day but ....  We can all do our part by thinking about how many disposable type items we use instead of a re-usable one.  We can think of what we plant in our yard to give a food source to bees and butterflies.  I leave my clover and dandelions in spring when there is nothing else around for early emegers to eat instead of mowing it off.  We can plant things they like as well and it doesn't have to be expensive.  Flowers like Zinnias, Echinaceas, Cosmos, and even Marigolds are easy to start from seed and I almost always find bees or butterflies enjoying them.  My image of the day is of  a Painted Lady butterfly on an Echinacea in one of my gardens.