Monday, April 8, 2024


 Happy Monday and happy new week!  Happy Total Eclipse Day as well for those who will be able to see that.  We will be about 85% but hopefully sunny and able to see it.

My image for today is of another of my Amaryllis that bloomed this year.  This one is blooming now and was very late for some reason.  I am going to over-winter the bulbs differently this year because a couple did not bloom at all.  Anyway, this one was a bit pinker and had more white in it when it first opened and got darker as it is aging.  It put out 3 blooms.


  1. Nicely done with the white background

    1. Thanks a lot Jim. That is actually the window that overexposed and worked out well. I was surprised at how well it worked, right time of the day I guess.