Sunday, September 3, 2023


 It's Steamy Sunday once again here on the Blog.  Today's post goes back to my Garden Railway once again.  It cooled off and I was able to put out some buildings and autos to spruce up the area.  I have a video that highlights this area as well which you can view HERE.  The Sawmill, I built it over the winter and the works inside were 3D printed by the hubster using some plans I purchased off the internet.  It's lacking a steam engine to drive it, we are still working on that.  It will be just for show and not actually work but...


  1. Nice that it cooled down for you, your heat seems to have moved up here. We are having 4-5 days in low 90's

  2. It only did for a few days. It's been back at around 100 or above for several days now. UGH

  3. I shouldn't have said anything. We just had three days in the low 90's, but with the humidity the equivalent was 106 one day and 103 a second day Double ugh. Cooler weather coming tomorrow