Sunday, September 24, 2023


 It's Steamy Sunday here on the Blog!  I was in Minnesota over Labor Day weekend working the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion show.  After my shift I was at my trailer and decided to shoot some drone video.  This is a shot of the locomotive I get to fire on as it went past my camping site.  I would have liked to get it more out of the trees but because of these trees I would have lost sight of the drone which is a flight no no.  I thought it was kind of a neat shot even with the trees though. 😊

I have posted a video of 353 heading to the Baker Depot where we do shift changes on YouTube.  In the description I give a bit of information on what is going on in the cab shortly before this image.


  1. Nice steady drone work Shelly it looks like a big event well attended

    1. Thank you, getting a bit better at it. It was pretty well attended. Not as large as some but still a good crowd.