Monday, February 13, 2023


 Happy Monday!  Today's image is of a flower that took FOREVER to bloom.  I planted this in late June due to some extenuating circumstances.  By frost time they still had not grown very much and I couldn't bear to let them die so I put them in a small pot and brought them into the office.  It just bloomed 2 weeks ago!  How crazy is that.  I figured it wouldn't bloom till I put it back outside but it surprised me.  This is a Rudbekia which is a variety of Black Eyed Susan.


  1. Nice of it to add some colour to winter

  2. Lovely capture, Shelly. This year the flowers are out of their minds. We planted some bulbs this fall that are supposed to bloom in late spring/early summer and they started to grow this winter.

    1. Thanks much Tom! Great description, they are out of their minds!