Wednesday, February 1, 2023


 Happy first day of February!  Spring should be on the way in not too long a time in my area.  It's also Wildflower Wednesday here on the Blog.  Today's image is a bit different.  I took tis photo very recently.  This is Canada Goldenrod in winter after the flowers have dried.  The stalks stay green for quite a while into winter.  It normally blooms July through September.  It is falsely accused of causing Hay Fever.  It's pollen is spread by insects and not the wind.


  1. It is a very colourful plant that as you say get a bad rap. If I remember correctly it blooms at the Sametime ragweed is spreading allergies.

    We are on the train going through Jacksonville Florida right now. About 4 hours behind schedule
    But considering it is a high of -25c tomorrow at home we're not complaining if we are a little late.
    205 cars, 535 passengers on the 46 car train, including 30 car carriers.

  2. Yes, I think our Ragweed blooms by September.
    Neat! My in-laws have taken that train before with their car I believe. Yes, much warmer I am sure.