Saturday, April 24, 2021


 We had some crazy weather this past week.  On Sunday it was in the high 60s but Monday it started dropping.  Tuesday we had snow and Wednesday and Thursday, morning freezing temps.  My photo for today is someone's beautiful flowering tree that I see while walking, maybe a Crabapple?  I took a photo of it on Monday afternoon and then again on Tuesday morning on my way to work.  Crazy.  It seemed to have survived the weather because it was still lovely red on my way home that day.  Anyway, the photos are less than 12 hours apart.  It was a beautiful snow actually and one of the larger ones we had all year.


  1. We've had some pretty dramatic temperature swings too (though our LOWs tend to be in the 60ies;-) but they certainly do not manifest themselves as nicely as in your triptych here. :)

    1. I like your lows better Alex. Fortunately the plants and trees seemed to have survived OK. Thanks very much!