Saturday, March 13, 2021


 Today starts my Spring Break and also marks one year that we have been in these crazy times at work.  We had just returned home from a trip to Indiana and things just kind of blew up and here we are one year later still dealing with it but things seem to finally be getting better.  

I thought this was a good picture for the day, a sunset on the past year in hopes that this one will continue to improve and we can get back to more normal times.  This is a sunset from a January walk.


  1. It is a beautiful image, and from here on in think there will be a new kind of normal. I'm hoping what is old will become new again, like general hygiene, respect and kindness.
    Stay safe😷

    1. Thank you Julianne! Hope so.

      Thanks Lelu as well!

  2. This makes my imagination run! Lovely!