Tuesday, July 28, 2020


While I have been walking in one certain spot a Meadowlark has flown out of the grass nearby.  I searched a bit in the area it comes from and found a nest with 4 eggs in it.  This distresses me because it is in an area that is mowed at times by the city.  So, I am guessing, this is a female.  Not sure why she chose there to have a nest.  They have a chance, because it is very low to the ground, but not if the tire should go over them.  I thought about marking it but didn't want anyone to notice and bother it needlessly.  Not sure what to do about it.  Hope they will be OK.  Western Meadowlarks are the Kansas State bird.

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  1. Hopefully, they'll be alright. I'm not sure there is really much you can do. I agree that if you mark it you might draw to much attention to the nest, and have the opposite effect of what you are wanting.