Saturday, July 25, 2020


I don't normally post 2 of the same subject in a week but this is an event that's going on right now and you will be running out of chances to see it.  Comet Neowise is making it's way out of the solar system and won't be seen again in many lifetimes.  You will probably need binoculars to find it if you are looking for it now because each night as it moves away it becomes dimmer.  This is actually a composite image.  I wanted this look of Milford lake and the comet together but as you could see in Monday's photo, realistically that wasn't possible.  Many images you see on the internet of it where is looks pretty big in comparison to a foreground object are most likely a composite.  Milford Lake was shot at 18mm wide angle and the Comet was done at 48mm.  Both images were made at 6 seconds long.

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  1. Awesome image, Shelly!

    It never occurred to me that most of the images I've seen are most likely composites. I do have to admit that while I don't have anything against composite images, and I've made a few myself, I don't like it when the image is not identified as such.