Sunday, July 26, 2020


Hey hey it's Steamy Sunday once again on the Blog.  The National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis has some really neat old locomotives and a lot are the only surviving ones.  An example is this one built in 1876 for the Boston & Albany Railroad called the Marmora.  Instead of steam domes, it has 2 steam cannons, one of which can be seen next to the smoke stack.  The only criticism I have of the museum is that the railroad items were packed so close together, it was hard to really get a good detailed view of them.  Plus a lot deteriorated badly, I imagine they sat out in the weather for quite some time before being put under a roof.  I don't know what the conditions were like when the museum acquired them, the deterioration may have been well underway by then.

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  1. Great image, Shelly. I've always liked going to this museum. It's true that many of the displays are in bad shape, but the museum always seems to have limited funds. However, the museum definitely seems to do more with limited amount of money it has. The sheds they built many years ago have helped slow the decay of many of the items.