Monday, July 20, 2020


Today's image is one I took on Friday evening of an event that is going on right now in the night sky.  We are being treated to comet Neowise that you can see under the Big Dipper constellation approximately 45 minutes after sunset in the northern hemisphere.  It was discovered by NASA's Near Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer hence the name Neowise on March 27 of this year.  It's ice ball is 3 miles wide which makes it able to be observed by the naked eye if you know where you are looking because it is rather faint.  You need to be in a fairly dark location.  I captured this shot out at Milford Lake using a wide angle lens so I could capture the lake and most of the Big Dipper.  I used a 6 second exposure and an ISO of 3200.  If you go to look, it will be rising higher towards the Big Dipper's bottom bowl and should be visible at least through the 24 but will be becoming dimmer so you might want to have binoculars to find it.  I found it a quite cool experience.

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