Sunday, June 9, 2019


It's really cooled off today, yesterday was in high 80s and today only in high 60s.  Such a weird spring,  This is an image from a couple weeks ago at my friend's Garden Railway.  The locomotive is actually fired by coal.  It is quite cool as usually they are fired by Butane or Alcohol. The water tank sits on the boiler on this engine instead of being pulled behind.


  1. That is very interesting that the locomotive is actually fired by coal. Any idea how long it can run for, before having to refill the coal and water?

    1. Hi Tom. He said it was a bit difficult to keep the temp even in it because the firebox was so small. I was watching and it could do about 2 loops of the track before he had to add coal and get the temp up again. A loop is about maybe 75' possibly 100'.

    2. Thanks for the information. I hadn't even thought about how difficult it must be to keep the temperature up in a locomotive that is so small.