Sunday, June 30, 2019


So it is another steamy Sunday for the last day of June, literally, here in Kansas.  Temps in the mid 90s F.  It was a pretty warm and humid day when I shot this image about a week ago now at the railroad I get to play at outside Topeka, KS.  This is the hubster operating the locomotive I get to play with there.  It is an Ottaway 12 inch scale locomotive and was built in 1946.  We have one he is restoring for us built in 1947.  In the image he is opening the injector to let water into the boiler.  It has not picked up in the shot yet as only steam is coming out.  The railroad we play at has neat real old time signals on it for our use.  This one lets people know the train will be coming out of the woods shortly.


  1. I've always found these small-scale, live-steam railroads to be very interesting. I used to go and ride on the Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific in the St. Louis area, when I lived in the area. Is this railroad open to the public or is it a private railroad?

    1. It is a private railroad but they do runs at times that are open to the public. If you go to the link, hope the page works better for you than me. :-) It was all wacky.

    2. Yup. It worked for me. Thanks for the link.