Tuesday, May 7, 2024


 The Orioles are back!  I had made some sugar water for the Hummingbirds in hopes that they would arrive and find it last Sunday.  I was very surprised to see my first visitor to it was not a Hummer but a Baltimore Oriole!  I was able to capture him as he was getting a drink.  I put out the grape jelly for them which they enjoy more and am still waiting to see my first Hummingbird as I type this. 


  1. ANother one with my comment not showing....

    Not the usual suspect one expects to see on a hummingbird feeder! Nice catch of him though.
    Bet they'll head for the jelly

    1. Yes, they have been eating the jelly like crazy now. Last night though, they were drinking from the hummingbird one again. Must have been thirsty. 😊