Saturday, May 4, 2024


 So today's image is how I usually see birds.  I was riding my bike out at Milford Lake and there were several large groups of ducks that were most likely traveling through.  I stopped to get a photo and I was not even very close to them and they still did not like it.  I think there are some Teals and Shovelers in this group but it was a bit hard to tell.  I liked all the water action as they went across the water to take off.  😀


  1. Don't see my comments here so I'll try again.
    Lots of action as they all take off. Great catch.
    There are some that seem to have a white spot on their cheek, wonder if those are common golden-eyes?

    1. Hmm, Google must have been weird. Ah, could be. They are in my Kansas book as ones we usually have. Thanks!