Thursday, May 16, 2024


 I captured this image this past Friday evening.  The Northern Lights were visible across the United States even as far south as Florida which was quite amazing.  When I took this image, you could not see them in my area with the naked eye.  I was doing Night Capture images on my phone and 10 second exposures on my actual camera to be able to pick it up in any detail.  This image is from my actual camera.  The color has not been touched, I used various brightening techniques that I have learned through doing various astrophotography images to bring out the aurora more.  I could tell while I was taking the photos that I was getting something but it was quite interesting to see just how much was captured.  We didn't have a lot of the vivid red that some people saw or the curtain effect that I have seen in Minnesota but it was still pretty cool to see and capture.  


  1. Nice that you got images of a rare occurrence

    1. It was cool to see even if not as dramatic as some.