Saturday, February 24, 2024


 It's a double digit day!  😺  We have been having spring like weather so I can share more winter images without feeling too cold.  We had a good mount of snow this past January and this is an image I took near sunset one evening with a bit of color in the sky.  The snow was quite lovely with the way it clung to the trees.


  1. Nice snowy picture.
    We had some nice spring like weather 2 weeks ago, then it got cold again, warmed up a day or two. Yesterday was a high slightly above freezing. Last night a cold front moved in and at noon today it is -12°C (10°F), another day like it tomorrow and then it looks like spring might actually start.....

    1. Our weather has been crazy. Today, around 80, tomorrow night 19 and then only 38 during the day and then back to the mid 50s on Thursday.