Saturday, October 7, 2023


 We have been in a fairly bad drought for a while now and it has gotten much worse in the last few months.  My garden didn't do well at all this year due to the heat and dry conditions even though I watered it ever day.  Just nothing like rain.  I kept saying we were going to turn into the Dust Bowl again and when I saw this situation while out bike riding this past week I just had to stop and get a pic.  They were harvesting soybeans and creating quite the dust cloud.  Ironically we got a rain that night for the first time in weeks.  We need a lot more though.


  1. Harvesting soybeans up here produced the same dust bowl-like conditions. Especially last week when we had record high temps (88°F for a few days). It rained over night and we are now down to mid-fifties for highs

    1. We got a bit of rain but the very dry ground quickly soaked it up so when they were harvesting yesterday, they were creating dust bowl conditions again. We almost froze too but stayed warmer fortunately. Not ready to lose all my flowers.