Monday, October 30, 2023


 Happy Monday and new week.  Autumn has really arrived now and we will be having a lot cooler temperatures than we had been.  I doubt and of my flowers will have made it through the cold weekend.  That part makes me sad and very much looking forward to spring again.  Anyway, this is my Toad Lily, a rather unique flower.  I only got 2 blooms off of it this year because something ate most of it half way down before I was able to protect it.  I will have to keep protection around it earlier now as it is not the first time something has eaten it.  This is a 3 image focus stack.  Toad Lilies get their name from the spotted flowers and warty sac-like bumps which are the nectar secreting glands.  They originally came from Japan.


  1. Are there deer around? Or maybe a rabbit chomping down?

    1. Not deer, it's right up to the house. Guessing rabbit. Could be a squirrel even.