Friday, July 28, 2023


 It's Friday, TGIF!  This week has been a scorcher, in the 100s with no end in sight so far.  Anyway, the Mississippi Kites are nesting in a tree in the yard again.  Somehow, last weekend, their fledgling ended up on the ground and apparently couldn't take off from there so it ended up climbing up into this tree.  It was interesting to see, I caught a few shots of the last part of it.  I should have been taking video but never think about it.  I had to share this image, partly because it's different and mostly because of the wonderful bubble bokeh because Friday's Are Bokehlicious!


  1. Interesting that it could climb the tree. I've only known parrots to use their beaks to climb (but maybe I haven't been observant)

    1. It was neat how it used it's wing to keep it against the trunk. A first for me as well.