Friday, December 16, 2022


 Woohoo, it's Friday, TGIF!  What a week, so glad it's done.  I need a nice cheerful image for today and these always make me happy to see.  These are some Black-eyed Susans that were growing beside the Gazebo pond this year.  They have some wonderful bubbly bokeh behind as well and that always makes me happy too and, as you know, Friday's Are Bokehlicious!


  1. very nice. Especially as we are getting about 12" of heavy wet snow today.....

    1. Thanks much Jim! I am wondering if we will get any this winter. Still in a drought. We did get some rain last week but not a whole lot. Hope you don't have to go anywhere in it.

  2. Beautiful capture, Shelly. So far, a mild winter over my way. We've had snow on the ground for the last few weeks, but no more than 3-4 inches at any point.

  3. Thank you Tom. We were mild up until this past Thursday when we hit -7. Should be back in the 50s in a few days.