Wednesday, November 17, 2021


 It's Wildflower Wednesday here on the Blog.  Today's flower is one that just appeared in my yard last year for the first time.  It seems to flower in late summer and is a lovely blue.  It is called Ivy Leaf Morning Glory.


  1. Nice one Shelly

    I grew a couple of plants from seed in 2020, started them in March and planted outside in May. They just sat there until mid-late July and then took off like a house on fire.

    I wanted something to provide more cover earlier so I tried clematis from a nursery this year. one did nothing, the other one grew a foot over the summer. We'll see what happens in the spring. A few years ago I planted three honeysuckle vines, one has done VERY well, the other two did not make it through the winter....

    1. Yes, it's weird how one will thrive and the other not. Makes me wonder what I did differently, was the dirt that much different or what? Thanks Jim!

  2. Lovely capture. The soft/light blue is really nice.