Monday, October 25, 2021


 Happy Monday!  I thought I had shared this flower before but maybe not.  It is an interesting variety of Morning Glory.  The blooms are fairly large and they usually close up very early in the day so most times I would only see them in the very dim light as I left for work.  I got lucky on the weekends a couple of times to see them and I captured this image of it.  I love the little spikes.  They are fairly soft so you can grab it, they look rather deceiving though.  The flower color is lovely and much lighter than the usual Morning Glories I see.  It vines quite a lot and does not bloom till late in the summer.  Next year I need to come up with something better for it to vine on.  I used dead tree branches that worked but made it very unweildy.


  1. Interesting flower as you say. Do they only bloom for a few hours one day, or do they open and close for a number of days? Good thing the spikes are soft

    1. They bloom for a few hours and then are done. Very lovely if you can catch them. Larger than the usual Morning Glory, about double the size.