Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 While I was out on Konza Prairie walking to see the sunset, I was treated to the sight of a Nighthawk bird feeding quite close and then hovering right above me.  They are very cool birds, I think.  They hover looking for something to eat and then they dive and make this interesting noise (created by the air rushing over it's wings) as they go down to catch whatever they have found.  It's quite fun to watch. They are usually out hunting at dawn or dusk.  It is neither nocturnal nor a hawk so the name is a misnomer.  They make no nest but they and their young are easily camouflaged on the ground by their color.  They have one of the longest migration routes of all North American birds and can be frequently found out of range.

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  1. Nice catch Shelly. Not sure I've ever seen one. (And not heard one lately either)