Wednesday, March 27, 2024


 It's Wildflower Wednesday here on the Blog!  Spring has sprung though it has been very cold in the mornings the last couple of days and didn't feel like it.  Today's flower is one I am looking forward to seeing again.  This is Missouri Evening Primrose.  They bloom from May through July and open at sunset and close in the heat of the next day.  They will stay open longer if it's cloudy out and this was the case when I saw these. The flowers face up until pollinated and then face down.  These flowers are very drought resistant as well which is good for our area as we have trouble getting consistent rain.  😏


  1. Very unique blossom. I didn't know that they only bloom about 18 hours. Have to wonder how they developed their "habits"

    1. Yes, interesting how some bloom at night and others in the day.