Sunday, April 9, 2023


 It's Steamy Sunday here on the Blog!  Today's image is a nice steamy shot of our 12 inch gauge Ottaway locomotive as it was blown down in the rain after a day of running.  You "blow down" the boiler to get rid of the pressure but also to remove any scale or debris that may be in the boiler such as rust flakes.  (Hopefully you don't have a lot of those).  Here is a link to some footage I took with our drone of it running before it rained, I may have shared this before.  WHJ Running


  1. Neat set-up. The smoke must get in the eyes and lungs of the engineer and passengers at the start. Looked like there was an antique car rally/show at the location too that day?
    At the end there was what looked like a diesel engine starting out??

    1. It is quite neat. It can get a bit smoky at times, yes. Cinders too. Don't want to wear white. LOL Yes, the owner has a few friends who have vintage cars that bring them to show while they sit and visit. It's a Santa Fe F unit large scale locomotive. It actually operates by way of a Crosley engine from a car so actually runs on gas though it looks like a diesel.