Saturday, April 1, 2023


 In my area of Kansas, with the coming of Spring comes Spring burns.  Ranchers and others burn off the prairie grasses to make the new grass emerge more quickly and to also keep unwanted things like Cedar trees from taking over.  I have always wanted to get some photos of this at night.  It is done at night a lot because the winds have a tendency to die down then and it is easier to control.  I finally had a chance this past Tuesday and this is one of the photos I was able to get.  You can see that it looks as if it is a ring of sorts.  They set back fires to keep it under control and they kind of meet together.  I took this image with my Pixel phone and it actually turned out better than my DSLR.  The Night Sight feature on a Pixel makes for some really nice photos in the dark I think.


  1. Nice image. Almost looks like a negative.
    (Here I go again 🙄 nice that you have no snow that they can do the burn. My pile in front is down to 5', the one across the street is at about 8')
    There are times that yes the cell phone seems to take a better pic than the SLR

    1. Thanks very much Jim, it does sort of. We are really warm here, ridiculously so that we are even hitting 80s. Way too early for that. Very dry and windy though and you don't want that.