Monday, April 24, 2023


 Happy Monday and new week!  One of my favorite flowers has been blooming like crazy, Bleeding Heart.  I love the little Heart shaped flowers along their dainty stems.  Bleeding Heart flowers are fairly long lasting, can be several weeks.  In the heat of summer, the foliage may die back but the roots stay alive and the plant will re-emerge in the spring for another show.  They are toxic to people and pets.  The white petal protrusion is what gives them the "bleeding" part of their name.  They can be found in other colors like a deeper red, white (I have seen these in Minnesota), purple and even black.


  1. Didn't realize they bloomed this early (Even allowing for you being a week or more ahead of us)

    1. I know. Mine seem to come out earlier than others. The ones I would see in Minnesota were not out till June.

  2. Beautiful capture, Shelly. I've never heard of this flower before.