Saturday, January 28, 2023


Today's image is a bit different but I thought a bit interesting.  We had a recent light snow which clung to the trees quite well.  I decided to get the drone up and capture my yard in snow.  This is an image of my Gazebo Pond, the roof of which can be seen in the lower middle.  I rebuilt the center top of the roof a couple of summers ago.  That was interesting to install for someone who does not like heights at all.  If you follow straight from it across the pond, the waterfall stream can be seen, marked by the small white rectangle which is a stone bench covered in snow beside it.  The big white blob of plants covered in snow are my water Iris that I need to cut back before spring.  I need for it to be cold for a while so the pond freezes enough for me to stand on it, that's how I get rid of the remainder of the Cattails which are the smaller blob below the Iris.


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    1. Thank you Jim. It's still a work in progress but I am happy with it.