Wednesday, October 30, 2019


It's Wildflower Wednesday again on the Blog today, probably one of the last as the wildflowers are done for the year.  I will have to dig through my photos to see what I can still share.  Today's though, is a new one for this year.  This is Pokeweed.  It gets the somewhat long strings of dark berries on it but this is a few of the flowers just beginning to develop.

I have pages of Wildflowers by Color on the Blog and they have been updated with these that I have found and photographed this year to help ID ones when you find them.  They might be helpful to you as you are out looking or going through photos of your own.


  1. Great shot. I don't think I've ever heard of Pokeweed before, though I'm not very caught up on my wild flowers.

    1. Thanks Tom. To be honest I did not know it was called that but have often seen it after it has flowered when the berries are formed and purple.