Tuesday, October 15, 2019


On my way out to Pennsylvania, I stopped at a place that has always intrigued me when I saw it from the highway.  This is the original Mail Pouch Tobacco Warehouse in West Virginia.  It is still operating today as a Swisher International warehouse.  This image may look like just a normal shot but I had to take it up close with just a normal wide angle lens on so it is actually 3 shots stitched together with a good amount of work behind the scenes done.  I find it funny sometimes all the work I do to a photo but you would not know just to see it without knowing the behind the scenes work.  Anyway, this is the company that those old barns had painted advertising on them that you can still find a few of today including a couple along the Pennsylvania turnpike.


  1. It's great that you were able to stop by and photograph this old building. The building reminds of some of the old warehouse and manufacturing buildings in an area north of Laclede's landing in St. Louis.

    1. Many thanks Tom! Yes it was a cool complex. It extends to a bigger longer building to the right of it where you can see the piping going across. I need to process that one too. I love old warehouses. They have a lot of character.