Sunday, October 20, 2019


When I was out in Strasburg Pennsylvania to see the 611, I also was able to see one of Strasburg Railway's regular engines, Norfolk & Western 475.  The event was being billed as a Reunion of Steam with 611 also from N&W.  475 is a lovely steamer as well kept in beautiful condition.  It was originally built in 1906 and is the railroad's oldest locomotive.  It is a 4-8-0 wheel arrangement which is unusual and is know as a "Mastadon" or M Class.  It is the only 4-8-0 operating in North America. It was purchased by the railroad in 1991, underwent a huge restoration and pulled it's first train in 1993.  It is able to pull just about any size train for the railroad and Strasburg is still an operating freight railway so 475 is an often used locomotive for that use.


  1. A really nice capture of this steam locomotive. I've watched it a bit on one of the VRF cams in the past week while tuning in to see N&W 611. I'll have to put this little railroad on my list of ones to, hopefully, see someday.

    1. It's a nice one but the ride is very short. We had more fun watching them move around than the ride probably. There is a great museum just across the road that is well worth it from the train station. Thanks much Tom!